Monday, November 8, 2010

The Times. A Bare Metal Merc. SEMA. Stuff.

It's been pretty exciting around the Studio lately... really.

Let's start with the recent stuff, and then we'll Tarrantino the whole thing, and travel backwards in time, and who knows... either we'll tie it all up neatly, or leave you scratching your head an thinking "what the heck just happened here?". To remain honest here, I'm willing to bet it all just doesn't matter, because we're gonna show you some killer stuff, throw some deals your way, and then set you free to enjoy your day as you see fit.

That settled, let's start with Monday. The mighty Merc project nailed a spot on the NY Times blog:

...which is a nice layer of frosting on the week, indeed. You see, the Merc has been in-progress for some time, being constructed by our good pal Zane and his crew over at Cotati Speed Shop. It was decided to drag the mean machine to SEMA, and we did it in style, bolting on a set of raw-milled HRE wheels, and setting up shop in the Ford display... just because.

The week grew better with the release of the Gold Rush Rally DVD, a pet project of the Merc's owner, and to say that it's outstanding would be an extreme understatement... take a quick peek for yourself:

You can pre-order this amazing cinematic barnstormer here:

Moving along, we had a couple of other rides at SEMA, from the C2ZR1:

... and the Street Rodder Magazine Road Tour Car:

... among other stuff, and, well, here's hoping you checked them out if you were there.

Let's see... Oh... how about this:

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Poke in soon for the new site, more art, and who the Hell knows what else. More soon...

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